The KLG Story

Kick Like a Girl is a vision that founder, Jean Soehn, has had for over 35 years. Growing up in the 80s it was near impossible to find functional, cute soccer specific clothing for females – heck, you couldn’t even find soccer shoes geared towards females. Being an avid soccer player and playing soccer for the University of Denver in the early 90s came with the same “female soccer fashion struggle.” KLG was conceived in 2011 when shopping for functional, cute and most importantly, empowering soccer specific clothing for her 3 daughters. She immediately created the KLG apparel line and worked to create a logo that would embody the gratitude she feels towards the sport of soccer.

The pentagon shape was chosen for two reasons; it is a panel from the soccer ball but more importantly, each point represents an element of life – Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. At KLG, we feel every young girl needs to be true to their spirit and embrace their unique qualities inside and out.

If our KLG apparel line provides confidence for even one girl, then we will call that a #success- we at KLG are honored that you have chosen to learn about our company.  THANK YOU!