Welcome to Kick Like A Girl!

Welcome to the Kick Like A Girl (KLG) Lifestyle Brand. We are a brand that unites ALL females that love the sport of soccer; whether you are a current player, a former player, a soccer mom, or just a plain lover of the beautiful game and want to connect with other like minded females- KLG is your brand!

As a mother to three beautiful daughters, I am passionate about encouraging all females to find their voice. Playing soccer provided me the opportunity to find my voice on the field but it is off the field where I needed the encouragement to feel strong and confident to find my voice. This is why I created the KLG Lifestyle Brand.  I want every female – young and old – to feel empowered when wearing the KLG brand. The name “Kick Like A Girl” is a powerful message, and the KLG Brand encourages females to showcase their confidence, strength and their love of soccer. They can literally wear their confidence and own it!  Our hope is that every time you wear the KLG Brand it brings a smile to your face and allows you to find your voice and be true to your spirit.  The KLG Lifestyle Brand is determined to build a squad of fierce females who find their voices, are true to their spirits and will always pay it forward.

We realize you have a choice of what to wear and buy, that is why we will be paying it forward with our Kick Like A Girl Foundation. The SHARE IT program will provide instruction and opportunities for girls to learn the art of public speaking with confidence. We want their inner spirit to resonate and their voices to be heard.

The KLG logo is a pentagon. Each point of the pentagon represents the five elements of life: earth, air, fire, water and SPIRIT.  At KLG, we feel strongly that each female needs to be true to her spirit and with that truth, she will find her voice. Welcome to our squad and remember always be true to your SPIRIT.

The socks are just the beginning.  #KLGlife #findyourvoice