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Welcome to Kick Like A Girl!

We are Kick Like A Girl (KLG). We are not an afterthought for another brand. We are a new apparel brand that is proud to represent the strong female soccer community. Our objective is to create a brand that emotionally connects with all females. A brand that allows strangers to become fast friends. A brand that not only showcases strong and confident females, but also brings a smile to your face every time you wear it. And, a brand that allows you to identify with a fierce squad of females that believe in paying it forward!

As female soccer players, you deserve your own apparel line! We realize you have a choice of what to wear and buy that is why a portion of every sale will go to the Kick Like A Girl , SHARE IT foundation.  SHARE IT will provide scholarships for young females to attend soccer camps when it would otherwise not be feasible.

The KLG logo is a pentagon. Each point of the pentagon represents the five elements of life: earth, air, fire, water and SPIRIT.  At KLG, we feel strongly that each female needs to be true to her spirit. Welcome to our squad and remember always be true to your SPIRIT.

The socks are just the beginning.  #KLGlife